Who we are.

Accelerated Payments was created by entrepreneurs with many years’ experience in financial services as well as starting and running their own businesses.

We know what it’s like.

To dream up and start a new business that offers something better, something different.  To bring it from zero sales and one employee to a stage where it has employees, customers, sales – and prospects.

And we also know what it’s like when you’ve invested everything you have in the business, when customers take longer to pay than agreed, and your bank either isn’t interested in working with you – or wants personal guarantees where they shouldn’t need them.

So we decided to set up Accelerated Payments to solve the problem of cash flow for businesses through an innovative Invoice Finance service.

Because we know what it’s like.

We believe in simplicity and clarity.

Business owners need cash, and they need it when they need it.  They’re busy building their business: they don’t have time for complicated application and approval systems – and can’t afford expensive credit or financing arrangements that last longer than they need.  And they certainly don’t want to hear they can’t get Invoice Finance because they “don’t qualify.”

We believe our customers have done the hard part.  They’ve got the sale, provided the goods or service – and issued the invoice.

We take it from there.

Why are we different?

Our service combines the best technology platform with a simple User Interface, as well as immediate access to business intelligence to allow us to assess risks – and offers customers the simplest, quickest application, approval and payment process there is.

  • Customers don’t need a strong balance sheet to qualify: most of the time, their customers have strong balance sheets – and they’re the ones we look at. That’s where our Business Intelligence and information gathering comes in.  Our customers effectively have multiple balance sheets: those of their own customers.  These are the balance sheets a smart lender should be assessing.
  • We have no problem if you have a small number of customers – or even just one. Banks and other Invoice Finance companies call this a “concentration risk.” We just see another invoice: one that has been issued to a customer who has a balance sheet – which we can research and assess.
  • We are not put off by long credit terms.
  • Are you an exporter? We are happy to fund invoices issued to international customers.